Getting to Know You

Dr. Stephanie Sandretti

Photo of Dr. Sandretti and her family Family: Dr. Stephani Sandretti with her husband, Matt, and 21-month-old son, Luca.
What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice?
General dentistry.

Where do you practice?
Sacramento, California.

Why dentistry?
When I was a sophomore in college, I went on a medical and dental mission to Costa Rica and Panama. I was originally on the medical team, but noticed how much fun the dental team was having. I assisted on surgeries, taught OHI, applied fluoride and saw how much you can help people get out of pain quickly and improve their self-esteem at the same time. I love how dentistry allows us to be surgeons, business owners, educators, artists and patient advocates all while making long-lasting relationships with our patients.

Why are you an ADA member?
The ADA looks out for our profession. As small business owners, we would never have the political or economical ability to influence policy, make investments in national campaigns, or attend large conferences to connect with colleagues. The ADA also provides invaluable resources such as all the COVID-19 return-to-practice materials. I represent California every year as a delegate and love that I have a bigger impact on the dental profession as a whole.  

What was your first job?
Tutoring has always been a passion of mine. Throughout high school, college and dental school, I always worked as a science and math tutor. I hope that I can be a dental educator someday.

What has been the best time of your career so far?
I bought my first practice on Nov. 1, 2019. The few months has not only been the most stressful time of my career, but it has also been the most rewarding. To watch my team and practice grow and evolve into something I can be proud of is what keeps me going every day.

When I’m not practicing, I’m:
Playing with my 21-month-old son, Luca. He loves going to the park, playing in the yard and going swimming. I also love playing soccer, have a rescue scuba diver certification, and enjoy crafting!

One fun fact about me:
My husband, Matt, and I started dating when we were 19 years old. Neither of us were pre-dental or even thinking about dental school at the time … we ended up both falling in love with the profession, got into dental school together at UCLA and now he practices as an orthodontist!