Dentists nationwide can begin their ADA Practice Transitions profile

Image of ADA Practice Transitions graphicDentists seeking to join or leave a practice from all 50 states can now utilize ADA Practice Transitions, a service backed by the Association and focused on helping dentists make the process more predictable and successful.
Through ADA Practice Transitions, dentists can complete their profiles and receive:

• Matches with dentists or practices that aligns with their personal and professional goals.
• Step-by-step support from a dedicated ADA advisor.
• Customized resources and help defining the right path.

ADA Practice Transitions helps retiring owners find the right person to continue to care for their patients and helps owners hire associates who share a similar philosophy of care, ensuring a successful transition and continuity of care for patients.

In addition, ADA Practice Transitions helps buyers and associates find the practice that fits their criteria and shares their goals. ADA Practice Transitions can also help a dentist explore and narrow down their options before taking their next steps.

“Part of the value of ADA Practice Transitions is its ability to use the platform to match dentists nationwide for those who are seeking to move to a different state,” said Dr. Kirk Norbo, ADA Business Innovation Group board chair. “We anticipate that over time, the ADA Practice Transitions platform and methodology will become the first choice for dentists seeking a transition.”

The service matches dentists with practice owners by considering aspects such as philosophy of care, personality traits, location and desired practice characteristics.

ADA Practice Transitions includes an online profile with demographic information, a personality assessment and a detailed section that helps a dentist articulate their philosophy of care — their unique approach to dentistry.

The service provides intuitive filters when pairing potential dentists, including location preferences and whether a person is looking to purchase or find employment. An assigned personal ADA advisor reviews each profile and makes suggested matches based on the criteria, with an emphasis on a shared philosophy of care.

The assigned ADA advisor is there to help facilitate the process and foster a positive relationship for both parties. The ADA advisor guides participating dentists through each step to ensure they feel confident they are connected with the right dentist.

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