Keys to success? Zoom with a dentist and find out

Image of ADA SuccessKeys to success? Zoom with a dentist and find out

What is a zipper clause?

How do I size up a prospective employer?

What are the workplace rights for the dental team?

How do I create a budget and make it work for me?

What are some of the ethical issues you can face as a new dentist?

How has the median income and demographics of dentistry changed in recent years?

What resources are at my disposal when it comes to COVID-19 and treating patients?

These questions and countless others can be answered with the ADA Success Program, which is now virtual.

I am an ADA Success speaker, one of more than 40 dentists who make this commitment to bring relevant information and resources, along with our personal stories, to dental students. I remember that most of my dental education focused on clinical skills, but there is so much more to know if you want to succeed. Each ADA Success module is one-hour long, and topics include:

    - Finding a Job
    - Managing Debt & Wealth
    - Leadership & Ethics in Dentistry
    - Organized Dentistry: You and the ADA
    - Practice Management for All Dentists
    - State of the Dental Profession
    - Understanding Employment Agreements (presented by attorneys)

The ADA Success Program modules are free for your dental school or ASDA chapter. Choose one or all seven. Learn more and schedule a program today at

Hope to see you at ADA Success!

Dr. Gabriel Holdwick, 2020-2021 ADA Success Speaker, 2013-14 ASDA Speaker of the House

Editor's note: This article, republished with permission, originally appeared Sept. 8 in the ASDA Blog.