Leave Your Practice In Good Hands

Bring on and mentor an associate before transitioning your practice.

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What is the Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path?

COVID may have changed your career plans. If you’re ready to step aside from clinical dentistry but aren't ready to completely walk away from your practice, consider our new Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path. It allows you to:

  • Mentor your future buyer
  • Help build their business and clinical skills before selling them your practice
  • Protect your legacy by transitioning your practice to a dentist with a similar philosophy of care.

If you're ready to step aside from your clinical duties, mentor your future buyer, and your practice can take on a second dentist during the mentorship period, then let us know by filling out this form.

How The Mentorship-to-Ownership Path Works

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Complete ADAPT’s mentorship form and build your profile with what you're looking for in a buyer.
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Use ADAPT’s powerful matching technology to connect with associates.
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Agree upfront on compensation, timing, purchase price, and partnership terms.
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Help the new dentist become a part of your practice and your community.

Is This Right For Me?

If these statements sound like you, the Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path may be a great way to ensure your practice thrives after you retire.

It’s time for me to take a step back

I’m ready to step away from clinical dentistry but want to take a little more time to guide the transition of the other aspects of the practice.

I’m willing and able to mentor and train my replacement

I look forward to training my mentee on the business aspects of running a practice as well as on clinical skills so that when it’s time to step away, I know my practice is in good hands.

My practice is the perfect candidate for Mentorship-to-Ownership

My practice has the patient volume for one dentist, and I don’t think it’s an “easy” sell.

I’m thinking about the continuity of care for my patients

Rather than selling my practice and entrusting my patients to an unknown buyer, I want my replacement to slowly take over.

This financially makes sense for me

My practice can handle having a new dentist come on and earn an income during the mentorship period.

Getting Started Is Easy

Create a free, no-obligation profile to get curated matches and start connecting with mentees!