The ADA Practice Transitions Process

ADA Practice Transitions uses a combination of AI and human evaluation to match dentists with practices that share similar missions, visions, and values.

Start with an online profile that tells us who you are and what you are looking for. Walk through a comprehensive assessment of your practice, experience, and preferences. We include several questions to understand your approach to patients, staff, and community.

By helping you articulate your philosophy of care, we can find the practice that fits your goals, needs, and preferences.

Why dentists love ADA Practice Transitions:
  • No exclusivity clauses gives you flexibility
  • Highly confidential; you control when your profile is shared
  • Nationwide reach for increasingly mobile dentist population
  • One-on-one counseling through the entire process
  • Focused on finding the RIGHT match for long-term success and satisfaction
  • Works with specialties
  • Low fees for ADA members (no fees for students, first associateships or buyers (ADA members))

Choose your transition path below and learn more about how ADA Practice Transitions works to find the perfect fit between dentist and practice situation.

Buying a Practice

Selling a Practice

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