I haven't reached out to the candidate

We recommend you get in touch as soon as possible to set up a quick meet-and-greet call. Remember, your candidate is probably considering other opportunities. You could miss out if you wait. Unsure how to start? Use the sample screening call agenda below or contact the Advisory Team to facilitate the call.

Screening Call Agenda

2-3 minutes - Begin with introductions. Each of you briefly shares who you are and how you got into dentistry.

5 minutes - Take some time to discuss your transition plans and timeline. Include why this opportunity caught your eye and how each of you feels it could support your long term goals.

7-8 minutes - Take the time to talk a little about how you prefer to treat your patients, what it is that you enjoy most about dentistry, what do you think are the most challenging aspects?

Conclusion - End the call with an agreement to follow up within 24 hours to either decline or set up another meeting that will include an in depth discussion of particulars like practice statistics, timelines and next steps. We are happy to provide guidance if requested.

We are here to assist you.

Please call your associate at (800)-232-6119
or email us.