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With the largest network of dentists in the country, you'll find the right person to care for your patients.

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Protect Your Legacy

Created by the ADA, ADAPT's mission is to match dentists with shared practice philosophies and goals for successful practice transitions. We aim to be a crucial part of your transition team, helping you connect with buyers and providing resources to help you avoid common pitfalls. Whether you're looking to sell your dental practice now or after mentoring your successor, ADAPT can help you achieve your transition goals.

Get Your Free Practice Transition Roadmap

Every transition timeline is unique, driven by your goals and the local market. However, they tend to follow a similar process. If you understand everything that’s to come, you can prepare yourself — and possibly even speed things up.

Whether you want to sell your dental practice immediately or are still weighing your options, our free Practice Transition Roadmap will outline the steps you should take to prepare, and provide a handy timeline to keep you on track.

How ADAPT Works

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Create your profile & transition plan. Choose when you're looking to sell & criteria for a buyer.
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We connect you with potential buyers through advanced technology and your ADA Advisor.
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ADAPT has resources to help you understand contracts, avoid pitfalls, and protect your interests.

Ensure Your Practice Thrives — Even After You Sell

ADAPT leads to a smoother, more transparent and efficient practice transition. Watch this success story!

Why Choose ADAPT?

You maintain control

There are no exclusivity agreements. Our mission is to educate you and provide complete transparency, giving you the tools to make well-informed decisions.

National reach

ADAPT’s national reach broadens the pool of potential buyers, connecting you with like-minded dentists from throughout the country.

Focus on philosophy of care

Your ADAPT profile provides insight into your core values, long-term goals, and approach to dentistry. This allows us to identify potential matches that share your philosophy of care.

Powered by the ADA

When you join, you'll get a personal ADA Advisor who will help you navigate the negotiation process so you can be confident that all parties are getting a fair deal.

Confidential & secure

No personally identifiable information is exchanged until all parties agree to move forward with the interview process.

Personalized resources

Our mission is to provide you with all of the resources and tools needed to confidently progress through your next transition.

Save Thousands On Your Practice Sale

Create a free, no-obligation profile to get curated matches from your ADA Advisor. Sellers only pay when they sign a contract with a buyer and ADA members get preferred rates.