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ADA Practice Transitions™ connects dentists looking to buy or sell a dental practice, hire an associate or find a job. Check out our success stories below!

Photographs of Dr. Kristen Sciolino and Dr. Joe Thibodeau
See How ADAPT Helped Two Maine Dentists Find Their Match

ADAPT isn’t just matching you with an area. It’s matching you with a person, a practice, and a mindset. It was my wildest dream to find this match so early in my career.

Dr. Gagnon needed another dentist.

See how ADAPT brought Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Sikora together.

Better candidates because of the ADA.

The Thivierges had owned their practice for years. When it came time to sell, they turned to ADA Practice Transitions.

“Dr. Sidney fits in so well – it’s like she’s always been here."

Dr. Katie Satula’s busy practice has a well-earned reputation for family-friendly dentistry. When the practice’s senior dentist began planning to retire, Dr. Katie knew she needed to find an associate. However, she wanted someone who shared a similar philosophy of care – someone who would provide the same friendly, education-focused care that patients are used to.

A photograph of Dr. Katie Satula’s busy practice

See What Dentists Are Saying About ADAPT

Dr. Shanna Gagnon, Owner, Hiring

"My experience with ADAPT was unbelievably easy and user friendly. ADAPT was more interested in finding me the right practice to purchase than any other broker, and continued to make sure the entire transition process was a success for both parties."

Dr. James Hart, Owner, Hiring

“[Our new associate] has become a valuable member of our team. Increased production and less stress! Thank you so much for your service! Very quick, easy and professional way to find a new team member.”

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