5 Key Essentials To Buying or Joining A Dental Practice

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Learn "Must-Knows" For Buying A Practice Or Getting An Associateship In This Webinar With Iowa Dentists Dr. Brian Kim, Dr. Justine Stemper, and ADAPT's Dr. Suzanne Ebert.

What is a reasonable non-compete? How do I get my staff to accept my “new” way of doing things? Get answers to your most pressing questions during this on-demand webinar featuring a presentation and conversation with Dr. Suzanne Ebert of ADA Practice Transitions and Iowa dentists Drs. Brian Kim and Justine Stemper.

Watch the replay to learn:

  • What NOT to overlook when evaluating a practice?
  • Does it matter if your practice philosophies match if you are buying a practice and the owner is walking away?
  • Do I need a lawyer if I am signing a standard contract? Why?
  • Things to pay attention to when negotiating your salary? Can I negotiate?


Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Practice Transitions VP of Dental Practice and Relationship Management

Dr. Justine Stemper, Iowa Dental Association New Dentist Committee Chair

Dr. Brian Kim, Iowa dentist who recently purchased a practice