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Opioid Prescribing in Dental Medicine [Webinar]

Balancing Our Compassion for Patients with Social Responsibility

Dental pain, both acute and chronic, is and should be considered a serious problem. While American society’s “war on opioids” has focused primarily on physicians, data indicate that dentists are also frequent prescribers. Michael E. Schatman, Ph.D., CPE, presented a webinar that focused on strategies for dentists to allow them to prescribe, when necessary, in a safe manner – i.e. one that provides their patients with adequate and appropriate analgesia while simultaneously safeguarding against misuse, abuse, overdose, and diversion.

Through this on-demand presentation, you will:

  • Identify the moral imperative of opioid prescription in dental practice.
  • Recognize the risks to patients, dentists and society associated with opioid prescribing.
  • Formulate a rational and practical plan for improving risk mitigation within your dental practice.

Please note: A Certificate of Completion may be available to viewers of this archived webinar, through our partnership with the Providers Clinical Support System – please visit pcssNOW.org.