What You Need to Know Now About Pain Management As the Opioid Overdose Crisis Evolves Webinar | American Dental Association

What You Need to Know Now About Pain Management As the Opioid Overdose Crisis Evolves [Webinar]

The opioid overdose epidemic continues, evolving and presenting ongoing challenges to practicing clinicians in today’s environment. During this on-demand webinar, recorded October 1, 2020, learn what is new and changing and how it applies to your clinical practice: dosing for over-the-counter combinations of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, how to achieve meaningful pain relief for your patients, and emerging information on the genetics of pain. This on-demand webinar will inform dentists and suggest how they can effectively stay current in managing their patients’ pain.

Upon completion of the archived webinar participants will:

  • Recognize the therapeutic advantages, increased risks and appropriate dosing for combinations of an NSAID and acetaminophen for the management of acute dental pain.
  • Practice the prevention and management of acute pain with minimal use of opioid-containing analgesics.
  • Differentiate meaningful pain relief from the patient’s perspective from the risks of exposure to opioids that may precipitate substance misuse in vulnerable individuals.

Please note: A Certificate of Completion can be claimed by participants of this archived webinar, available through our partnership with the Providers Clinical Support System – please go to the event page on pcssNOW.org.

About the presenter

Raymond Dionne, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Dionne is a dentist and clinical pharmacologist who conducted clinical pain research at the NIH for over 25 years and, in parallel, practiced general dentistry part-time in the District of Columbia. He is currently a Professor of Cell Biology at the Center for Quantitative Medicine with the School of Medicine at the University of Connecticut.