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Managing Professional Risks

We have compiled online resources for the Guidelines for Practice Success, Managing Professional Risks module to make it easier for you to locate the additional information, samples, and resources discussed throughout.

Rules and Regulations
The Standard of Care in Dentistry
Radiographic Imaging
Medical Identity Theft
Ownership of Dental Records and Radiographs
HIPAA Privacy Rule and Protected Health Information
HIPAA Enforcement Rule
Medical/Dental Health History
The Consent Process: Types of Consent
Consent for Minors/Emancipated Minors
Releasing Dental Records
Copying and/or Transferring Records
Record Retention
Record Destruction
Subpoenas for Dental Records
Subpoenas for Forensic Radiographs
Retention of Other Business Records
Documenting Medical Necessity for CMS
Medicaid Fraud
Securing Legal Support and Advice
Managing Risks with the Dental Team
Employee Risk Management Education
Wage and Hour Audits
Staff Use of Cell Phones and Personal Mobile Devices
Managing Natural and Man-Made Disasters

The American Dental Association (ADA) has numerous resources to help prepare dentists and their staffs for emergency situations; many of those resources, and additional information, are available in the ADA Guidelines for Practice Success™ (GPS™) module on Managing the Regulatory Environment. Some of those ADA resources include:

Other resources available through the ADA include:

Valuable information on managing emergencies is also available from several federal agencies. Some of those resources include:

These action plans developed by New York University College of Dentistry provide useful information to help you prepare for and recover after a disaster:

Managing Patients Medical Emergencies
Patient Prescriptions
What to Do When Closing a Practice
What to Do When Changing or Closing a Location
What to Do During Employee Transitions/Terminations
What to Do When Adding New Services
Peer Review Options and Considerations
Dental Board Complaints
Managing Cyber Liability Risks
Practice Website Liability
Americans with Disabilities Act
Violations of Civil Rights