U.S. dental practice ownership trends

In 2021, 73.0% of all private practice dentists were owners compared to 84.7% in 2005. Female dentists are less likely than male dentists to own a practice.

Inforgraphic shows decline in dental practice ownership 2005 - 2021

ADA Health Policy Institute research finds that practice ownership is declining among dentists

Private practice ownership among U.S. dentists has been declining in recent decades. The difference is particularly pronounced among younger dentists. In 2005, 25.4% of private practice dentists under the age of 30 owned a practice; in 2021, that rate fell to 9.5%.

For dentists 30-34, the rate dropped from 55.0% in 2005 to 34.2% in 2021.

However, the drop has been less significant among older dentists. Nine out of ten private practice dentists age 55-64 were owners in 2021 compared to 93.4% in 2005.

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