3M Innovative Research Fellowship

Generously supported by 3M Oral Care, the 3M Innovative Research Fellowship is designed to encourage and engage researchers who are innovating and leading the way to advance dental materials science. In particular, the focus of the program is to support future-oriented new pathways and methods in dental research.

Fellowship overview
When the call for nominations is open, fellowship nominees are asked to submit a letter describing their research interests and explaining why they deserves to be recognized as an emerging leader in dental research. The nominee must also submit a curriculum vitae.

Recipients receive a $10,000 fellowship for two years, are honored at a private ADA event, and have the opportunity to present their research via a continuing education program. Recipients may also have the opportunity to share their work and interact with 3M Scientists at 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, or at dental research industry events.
Past recipients

2018: Dr. Sabrina Feitosa Sochacki

2017: Dr. Nathaniel C. Lawson