Christ Smiles Dental Mission

P.O. Box 14193
Arlington, TX 75218
Religious Affiliation: Christianity
Contact: Larry Harmon
Phone: 2147700506
   In the Name of Jesus Christ, we go as volunteers to serve those who are in greatest need where Christ leads us. The love of God we know in Christ compels us to share that love with our neighbors.
   We pray that all we say and do in this clinic will point to God's love by example of living our faith in God's grace as shown by the cross of Christ.
   Filled with God's Holy Spirit we go to love and serve others
Christ Smiles Dental Mission is an ecumenical group of women and men that brings together a unique combination of talent, resources, love, fellowship and compassion to provide quality dental care and dental hygiene education at no cost to those who are in the greatest need.