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Integrated National Board Dental Examination

In 2009, in keeping with the Joint Commission’s strategic plan for the future, the Joint Commission made the decision to create a new examination that would integrate the basic, behavioral, and clinical sciences to assess entry level competency in dentistry. The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) would be designed to assist state boards of dentistry in evaluating candidates for dental licensure, and would eventually replace the current National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Parts I and II.

Several presentations are available to download that provide updates and detail the ongoing progress with the INBDE.

Also, the Joint Commission created an ad hoc committee, the Committee for an Integrated Examination (CIE), to develop and validate the INBDE. Members of the Committee see the creation of an integrated examination as a long term project. The Joint Commission has stated that at least four years advance notice will be given before the INBDE is implemented.

The INBDE implementation plan provides stakeholders and communities of interest with information regarding how INBDE implementation will occur, the information that will be made available to help facilitate the transition, and recommended actions for stakeholders and communities of interest. Please download and review the INBDE Implementation Plan (PDF).

The Joint Commission and the CIE thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on the draft documents “Model of the Domain of Dentistry” and “Foundation Knowledge for the General Dentist” which provide the content domain for the examination. The comment period for these documents ended April 30, 2012. Your comments were considered in the development of this document.

At its April 2015 meeting, the Joint Commission approved the following deliverables:

At its April 2014 meeting, the Joint Commission approved the following deliverables:

  • Preliminary Operational Recommendations. These recommendations have been incorporated into the INBDE FAQ where appropriate
  • INBDE Preliminary Model Items
At its April 2013 meeting, the Joint Commission approved four key deliverables, which can be downloaded:
  1. Model of the Domain of Dentistry (PDF)
  2. Statements and Annotations Underpinning the Foundation Knowledge for the General Dentist (PDF)
  3. The Percentage of Items Devoted to the Ten Foundation Knowledge Areas (PDF)
  4. The Percentage of Items Devoted to the Three Clinical Component Sections (PDF)
As additional documents become available, this site will be updated.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for an introduction to the INBDE. Please refer to the following documents for project progress through 2012. In April 2013, the Joint Commission decided to discontinue this approach and use more frequent web updates and other communications instead.

The Joint Commission welcomes comments and feedback from all stakeholders and communities of interest. Information can be sent to the committee by email using the following address: jcndecie@ada.org. While individual responses are not possible, the committee reviews all comments, feedback and questions.

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