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Join or Renew Your Membership Today!

Our strength comes from individual dentists—more than 161,000 of us. A strong ADA means more resources for members and a powerful voice in Washington and state capitals. The ADA and your state and local dental societies enhance your ability to achieve success and your excellence as a dentist, and ensure a strong future for the profession.

Already a member?

If you are a tripartite member (holding membership at the local, state and national levels) please contact your state dental society regarding your dues payment and membership renewal.

If you are a Federal Dental Service member, enrolled in a graduate program, or in another direct membership category, you can renew online with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.

Ready to join?

More than 161,000 dentists and 18,000 students are already members! Your practice (or course of study) determines the membership category that's best for you.

For answers to questions such as "How much are dues?" or "How long does my membership last?" please see Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Membership.

Tripartite membership

Almost all U.S. dentists are tripartite ("three part" local, state, and national levels) members, and join the ADA through their state dental society. For fastest processing; send your completed Tripartite Membership Application directly to your state dental society.

Tripartite Membership Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

ASDA and ADA predoctoral membership (Dental Student membership)

Dental students join the American Student Dental Association and the ADA at the same time. Non-U.S. predoctoral dental students may also be eligible for International Predoctoral Dental Student Membership — eligible candidates must be a predoctoral student of a dental school listed in the World Directory of Dental Schools compiled by the FDI World Dental Federation.

Important regardless of your membership status as a dental student, you must apply for membership after graduation and licensure to become an ADA member dentist.

Apply for either category at

Graduate Student membership

If you are enrolled full-time in an eligible advanced training course, you may be eligible for Graduate Student membership. If you are entering a graduate program immediately following dental school graduation, graduate student membership maintains your eligibility for the ADA Reduced Dues Program for recent graduates.

Graduate Student Membership Application Online Form
Graduate Student Membership Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

Federal Dental Services (FDS) membership

If you are in full-time military or federal government service, you are eligible to apply for FDS membership. FDS members pay dues at the national level, but not local or state dues. Depending on where you are practicing, you may also be eligible for Tripartite membership

Federal Dental Services Membership Information and Application Online Form (PDF)

International Membership 

If you are a dentist practicing outside the United States and you do not have an active U.S. dental license, you are eligible for International membership.

International Membership Online Application
International Membership Application Form (English PDF)

Direct Membership

If you are a dentist licensed in one state and working in another state as a dental school faculty member, dental administrator or consultant, you may be eligible for Direct membership.

ADA Direct Member Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

U.S. licensed dentists practicing abroad

U.S.-licensed dentists currently practicing outside of the United States who are not eligible for membership in a constituent and component dental society may join the ADA directly as an International member.

U.S. Licensed Dentists Practicing Abroad Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

Associate membership

If you are employed in dental-related education or research, help advance the objectives of the ADA, are ineligible for any other type of membership in the ADA, and do not hold a dental license in the United States, you may be eligible for Associate membership.

Associate Membership Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

Nonpracticing Dentist membership

If you are dentist with a dental degree (from any country) residing in the U.S. or its territories, do not hold a U.S. dental license, nor have a revoked dental license, are not receiving compensation for delivering patient care and are ineligible for any other type of membership in the ADA, you may be eligible for membership as a nonpracticing dentist.

Download the Nonpracticing Membership Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

Provisional membership

If you are recently licensed to practice dentistry, but have not yet secured a practice location (and therefore you are ineligible for tripartite membership), you may be eligible for Provisional membership.

Provisional Membership Application Downloadable Form (PDF)

Life membership

Life members are those who have been a member for 30 consecutive years (or 40 total years) and are at least 65 years old. A life member may be either active or retired, and they receive a dues discount .Life members are notified by a letter from the ADA when they have been elected into life membership.

Retired membership

Retired membership is available to an active member in good standing who is no longer earning an income from dentistry. For dentists retiring from tripartite membership, the Retired Member Membership Affidavit Form must be approved by your local dental society.

Retired Member Membership Affidavit (PDF) (ADA Member login required)

Dues Waivers

A full or partial waiver is available to a member in good standing whose circumstances have resulted in a significant financial hardship. Dentists earning a subsistence income while working full-time for a charitable organization may also apply for a dues waiver.

Waiver of Membership Dues Application (PDF) (ADA Member login required)

If you have any questions, please contact the ADA Department of Membership Information at 312.440.2607 or send an email message to: