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Sponsors and Products

Give Kids A Smile would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate co-sponsors, which have provided millions of dollars worth of products and services.

Henry Schein Dental
Exclusive GKAS Provider of Professional Dental Products

Exclusive GKAS Provider of Consumer Dental Products

DEXIS® donates the use of digital X-ray systems with staff support to U.S. dental schools requesting assistance, state associations and large group practices during GKAS events.

 Product Kit


    Note:  Priority for product will be given to those programs that returned to the system the previous year to report actual event data.  If you are signing up for the first time, this does not apply to you.


• Product request deadline is November 10, 2014. No request can be accepted after that date.
• Demand for free product always exceeds supply, so product is given while supplies last.
• Please start now to secure the dental products and supplies you will need, either via donations or by purchasing, to ensure your program goals will be met.
• If you received product last year, there is no guarantee that you will receive it again this year.
• A list of product recipients along with the number of kits each will receive will be posted at http://givekidsasmile.ada.org on December 8, 2014
• Those selected will receive product the week of January 19, 2015.

• Each kit treats up to 50 children.


    Henry Schein Dental (Professional) Kit Contents


    Patient Bibs

    Bib Holders

    Earloop Masks

    Plastic Cups

    Tongue Depressors

    Gauze Pads

    Prophy Angles

    Prophy Paste

    Fluoride Varnish

    Chair Sleeves

    Henry Schein Dental (Professional) kits automatically include 50 Colgate toothbrushes and toothpastes.


    Colgate (Consumer) Kit Contents

    Colgate Children’s Toothbrush (quantity 50)

    Colgate Children’s Toothpaste (quantity 50)