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Give Kids A Smile Institute Webinar

Tiny Smiles: It’s Never Too Early for Happy, Healthy Teeth

As an extension of the GKAS Community Leadership Development Institute, the Give Kids A Smile National Advisory Committee and program sponsors Hu-Friedy, Henry Schein® Cares and the ADA Foundation completed their first webinar. Caring for young children’s teeth is an important part of keeping their bodies healthy. The St. Louis Give Kids A Smile Tiny Smiles Program and Sesame Workshop are teaming up to spread the word about the importance of preventive oral health care for children ages 0 – 4. Attendees learned how to start a GKAS Tiny Smiles clinic and become familiar with the “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me,” Sesame Street multimedia outreach initiative.

St. Louis Give Kids A Smile Tiny Smiles Clinic

The St. Louis GKAS Tiny Smiles portion of the webinar described the importance of early caries risk assessment and how the Tiny Smiles philosophy can decrease the amount of decay typically seen in older children living in these same demographics. Dr. Hollander provided a brief history of how the St. Louis GKAS Tiny Smiles clinic came to be, and what resources and personnel are utilized to make the clinic a success. He also described how the St. Louis GKAS program takes care of those infants and toddlers who have dental restorative needs.

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Sesame Workshop: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me

Young children's teeth is an important part of keeping their whole bodies healthy — strong baby teeth set the stage for strong permanent teeth, and help children play, learn, and grow. In this portion of the webinar, participants had the opportunity to learn about “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me,” Sesame Street’s free bilingual, multimedia outreach initiative, that motivates children 2 to 5 years of age, their parents, and their caregivers to start caring for children’s oral health early. They were introduced to free materials with tips, strategies, and activities to help empower parents and caregivers care for teeth with their child.

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