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ADA News Stories

November, 2017

    ADA applauds CMS decision to remove Part D requirement
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on Nov. 16 announced proposed changes to Medicare drug plans, including rescinding the requirement that dentists enroll in or validly opt-out of Medicare in order for a Part D drug prescriptions to be covered.

    ADA praises Senate for newly-proposed S-corp tax rate
    The Senate Finance Committee on Nov. 14 released an updated tax reform proposal that included changes to the S corporation tax rate that the ADA believes are favorable to the vast majority of S-corp dental practices.

    ADA to offer BIG IDEA conference at American Academy of Dental Group Practice meeting in January
    Dentists wanting to learn more about group practice, or expand or enhance an existing group practice, should consider attending BIG IDEA 2018: Discovering Group Practice.

    ADA asks CMS to remove Part D requirement
    The ADA is asking the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to re-examine the Medicare Part D enrollment requirement for dentists who do not submit claims for reimbursement to Medicare.

    Donate, volunteer to help Special Olympics athletes protect their smiles
    Dental professionals can support children with special needs who often have difficulty accessing dental care through a program spearheaded by America's ToothFairy: National Children's Oral Health Foundation and the Academy for Sports Dentistry.

    Dentists can play key role in helping patients quit smoking
    Dr. Williams hopes to encourage other dentists to talk with their patients about tobacco cessation. He leads an online ADA continuing education course, Tobacco Policy, Pharmacotherapy, and Dentistry, that includes information about training opportunities for dental health professionals who want to learn more about tobacco cessation pharmacotherapy

    PPR takes deep dive look at silver diamine fluoride and fluoride varnish
    Dentists who want to know more about using fluoride varnish or silver diamine fluoride as a way to treat or prevent caries can find clinical guidance and other insights in an issue of ADA Professional Product Review released in November.

    Leave your mark at the ADA House in Washington
    Earlier this year, the ADA opened the doors to the ADA House in the heart of D.C.'s Capitol Hill district. Now the ADA is inviting members to make their own mark on the property by purchasing personalized bricks.

    Decoding Dental Benefits: The top 5 concerns of dentists
    This is the second in a series featuring answers and solutions for dentists when it comes to the world of dental benefits and plans. The series is intended to help untangle many of the issues that can potentially befuddle dentists and their teams so that they can focus more of their time on patient care.

    ADA discourages DIY orthodontics through resolution
    The ADA "strongly discourages" the practice of do-it-yourself orthodontics because of the potential for harm to patients, according to a new policy passed by the 2017 ADA House of Delegates.

    ADA continues to lobby tax reform bill for dentists
    As Congress endeavors to pass legislation to overhaul the U.S. tax code, the Association continues to advocate on Capitol Hill for tax issues affecting dentists.

    ADA resolution calls for peer to peer Medicaid audits
    Dentists willing to serve patients who are eligible for Medicaid benefits should have fewer bureaucratic hurdles.

    Preview period for Physician Compare extended to Dec. 1
    Maxillofacial and oral surgeons enrolled in Medicare are able to preview their 2016 performance data as it will appear on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Physician Compare on profile pages in December.

    East Carolina University dean receives UNC's public service award
    The University of North Carolina Board of Governors announced Nov. 3 it awarded Dr. Gregory Chadwick, dean of East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine, with this year's top faculty honor.

    ADA asks Congress to provide fair and equal treatment for dental practices in House tax bill
    As Congress works to finalize tax reform legislation, the ADA is requesting the tax treatment of S Corporations in the current House bill be extended to all dental practices which are organized as pass-through entities or S Corporations.

    Office for Civil Rights issues opioids guidance for providers
    The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights has issued guidance for health care providers about what personal health information they are allowed to share with family members, friends and legal personal representatives if a patient is in crisis and incapacitated, such as during an opioid overdose.

    Oropharyngeal cancer in spotlight at symposium
    More than 80 dentists, physicians and others gathered Oct. 18 for a first-of-its-kind event discussing how to prevent and manage oropharyngeal cancer.

    Baking soda toothpaste examined in November JADA supplement
    Dental professionals with questions about the safety or efficacy of baking soda toothpastes can turn to a supplement to the November issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association for answers.

    Just the Facts — November 6, 2017
    Average patient visits per week

    Snapshots of American Dentistry — November 6, 2017
    Dentist busyness in private practice

    Harvest great ideas from Dental Practice Success
    Looking for great tips to enhance your professional and personal life? Be sure to check out the Fall 2017 issue of Dental Practice Success, ADA's quarterly e-magazine featuring tips and advice from well-known practice management experts to help you enhance your practice, your leadership skills and your well-being.

    ADA announces collaboration with tech, innovation hub
    In an effort to help accelerate the development of new technologies that can improve oral health, the ADA announced Oct. 12 it is collaborating with MATTER, a Chicago-based health care technology incubator and industry hub.

    Dental students are ADA members, too
    There are more than 161,000 members of the American Dental Association, including some 24,000 student members.

    New Dentist Conference speaker encourages 'Five Second Rule'
    Wearing sparkly high tops and a lavalier microphone as she traversed the meeting room, Mel Robbins had the full attention of the audience during her keynote address Oct. 19 at the ADA New Dentist Conference.

    Legendary quarterback Peyton Manning discusses parallels with dentistry
    Dentists' jobs are not all that different from that of NFL quarterbacks. At least when it comes to the importance of teamwork and adapting to change, success in the dental field does have similarities to success on the football field, Peyton Manning told an enthusiastic crowd who welcomed him with a standing ovation Oct. 20 for the ADA Distinguished Speaker Series at ADA 2017 – America's Dental Meeting.

    Memories from 59 years of annual meetings
    Perhaps nobody wandering the Exhibit Hall floor during ADA 2017 – America's Dental meeting could discuss the virtues and benefits of organized dentistry better than Dr. Ralph Merkel.

    Honored for service
    2017 ADA Humanitarian, Distinguished Service Award winners honored

    Toothpaste first to receive ADA Seal for fighting erosion
    A Procter & Gamble toothpaste in October became the first ADA Seal of Acceptance product to carry seven attributes of the Seal applicable to toothpastes when it earned the designation of helping prevent or reduce enamel erosion.

    Becoming a Dentist
    The path to becoming a dentist is not something that happens overnight. Each year, dental schools across the nation receive more than 79,000 applications for some 6,100 spots. At the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, roughly one student for every 20 applicants was admitted in 2016.

    Research shows disparities in HPV-associated cancer survivorship
    HPV vaccination and improved access to cancer screenings and treatment may reduce disparities by sex, race and age when it comes to surviving HPV-associated cancers, according to an article published in a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

    ADA outlines efforts to address opioid crisis
    The ADA outlined its efforts to curb the widespread misuse and abuse of prescription opioid pain relievers in a letter sent Nov. 6 to Chicago, Cook County and DuPage County officials.

    Researchers will study cavity-prevention techniques with NIH grant
    New York University College of Dentistry researchers will study cavity prevention and cost effectiveness in school-based dental programs in New Hampshire, according to an October news release from the university.

    House of Delegates approves new commission to recognize dental specialties
    Atlanta — In an effort to reduce potential or perceived bias and conflict of interest in the decision-making process for recognizing dental specialties, the ADA 2017 House of Delegates voted Oct. 23 to establish a new commission to oversee the process.

    University of Washington names interim dental school dean
    Seattle — The University of Washington announced Oct. 31 that Dr. James Johnson is serving interim dean of the School of Dentistry.
    Dr. Johnson, who has chaired the school’s department of endodontics since 2003, takes over from Dr. Joel Berg, who has led the school since 2012.

    ADA supports removing Part D requirement
    The ADA said Nov. 1 that it is "pleased" to support the Protecting Seniors Access to Proper Care Act of 2017, legislation that supports removing the mandate for dentists — and other providers who are low prescribers and do not participate in Medicare — requiring they be enrolled in or opted-out of Medicare Part B in order for their written prescriptions to be covered under Medicare Part D.

    Dentists can help spot early signs of eating disorders
    When it comes to the early detection of eating disorders, dentists are in a unique position for spotting the early warning signs and referring patients to the proper behavioral health professionals.