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2009 Issues of The ADA Professional Product Review

Volume 4, Issue 4 (PDF)

Spectral Curing Lights and Evolving Product Technology
An Expert’s Buying Guide for Curing Lights

Volume 4, Issue 3 (PDF)

Science Provides a Solid Basis for Product Reviews
Electrosurgical Systems
Deconstructing the Product Evaluation Process
It’s All About Color: Digital Shade-Matching Instruments at the 2009 Product Forum
Electrosurgical Options for Your Practice: A Panel Discussion

Volume 4, Issue 2 (PDF)

ADA Laboratory Evaluation of Flowable Composites
Getting the Most Out of Flowable Composites:A Panel Looks at Strengths and Weaknesses
Is an Electric Handpiece in Your Future?
Electric Handpieces: Preventing Patient Burns

Volume 4, Issue 1 (PDF)

ADA Laboratory Evaluation of Denture Base Polymers
ADA Laboratory Evaluation of Denture Reline Materials
Communicating with Your Lab: Components for Succes
Special Report: Addressing Concerns About Lead, an ADA Study
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