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JADA Structured Abstracts

Features in selected departments in JADA include structured abstracts. Below are descriptions of the structured abstract formats for the selected JADA departments—Clinical Practice, Practice Management, Research and Trends. The headings indicated here should be included in the abstract. Authors should indicate the department for which they are submitting a manuscript and develop the abstract accordingly, with the understanding that the editors could designate the manuscript for a different department and require a revision in the abstract. 

No abstract may exceed 250 words. If an abstract goes over that word count, JADA ScholarOne Manuscripts will flag it and direct the author to shorten the abstract. The word counts given in parentheses after each subhead are not requirements, merely suggestions to help keep authors within the 250-word limit. As long as an abstract in total does not exceed 250 words regardless of the length of the individual sections, it will be acceptable.

  • Clinically Practice: Full Article
  • Clinical Practice: Brief Report
  • Clinical Practice: Systematic Review
  • Clinical Practice: Case Report
  • Practice Management
  • Research: Full Article
  • Research: Brief Report
  • Trends: Full Article
  • Trends: Brief Report