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Dental Quality Alliance


2015 DQA Conference: The Roles of Quality Management

The Dental Quality Alliance hosted a 2015 Conference. View all presentations.


DQA Measure Activity

Check out the ongoing work of the Dental Quality Alliance.  Read More.


The Dental Quality Alliance’s Dental caries Measures

Obtain detailed specifications and review the DQA's measure set.  Learn More.


  • DQA Announces a Call for Comments on DQA Pediatric Measures Set:  This is a call for comments on DQA Pediatric Measures Set. For more details, please visit the DQA Measures Activities page and contact the DQA Staff at dqa@ada.org.

  • DQA Releases FAQ on the DQA Dental Sealant 6-9 year Measure: FAQ is posted on the Measures Activities page. Please contact the DQA Staff at dqa@ada.org if you have any questions.

  • NQF Endorses DQA Measures: The DQA is pleased to announce that the National Quality Forum (NQF) has announced the endorsement of two DQA measures. These two measures are: Ambulatory Care Sensitive Emergency Department Visits for Dental Caries in Children, and Follow-Up After Emergency Department Visit by Children for Dental Caries. The NQF endorsement exemplifies the need for addressing system-level outcome representing an avoidable deterioration in oral health and overall health due to untreated dental caries. These measures were submitted to the NQF's Health and Wellbeing Project Phase II. NQF has previously endorsed five DQA measures. For more information on these measures, please access the NQF website.

  • Covered California: The Dental Quality Alliance is excited to announce that Covered California is adopting DQA Pediatric Measure Set in its Qualified Dental Plan contracts for plan year 2016. Covered California is a state-based marketplace implementing the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in California. For more information, please visit Covered California.

  • The next DQA meetings will be held on Friday, June 10, 2016 and Friday, Dec. 16, 2016. If you wish to observe at any of these meetings, please contact DQA Staff at 312.440.2623 or via email at dqa@ada.org.