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DQA Measure Activities

Current Activities

Annual Measure Maintenance Review: Call for Comments on Starter Set

In order to ensure transparency and establish proper protocols for timely assessment of the evidence and properties of the measures, as well as to comply with the NQF’s endorsement agreement, the DQA has established an annual measure maintenance process. DQA measures are reviewed annually. Please take the time to review and provide your responses to DQA Staff at dqa@ada.org no later than February 29th, 2016.

FAQ: DQA Dental Sealant 6-9 Years Measure

FAQ DQA Dental Sealant 6-9 Years Measure (PDF).  Please refer to the FAQ document to understand the major differences between the DQA dental sealant 6-9 year claims administrative measure versus the DQA dental sealant 6-9 year eMeasure. For more information, please contact the DQA Staff at dqa@ada.org.

DQA Starter Set of Pediatric Measures Annual Review Final Report  

Measure Development Process

DQA RFP Report Cover

Download the Pediatric Oral Health Performance Measure Set Request for Proposal for Testing (PDF)

Formative Documents for This Measure Set

The DQA is currently working on the following projects:

  • Additional Measures for Children (PDF): The DQA is currently testing these measures for feasibility, validity, reliability and usability.
    • Treatment Following Sealant Use
    • Early Extraction of Permanent Teeth
  • Adult Measures Under Consideration (PDF)
  • Patient reported outcomes measures (collaboration with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)