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ADA Health Policy Institute


Dentist Earnings and Busyness

Have dentists' earnings rebounded since the beginning of economic recovery? See Research Brief.


The Oral Health Care System in Your State

HPI analyzes key aspects of the oral health care system in each U.S. state.  Learn more.


A Profession in Transition

What's next for the dental profession? See infographic.


Education Debt and Career Decisions

Does the amount of education debt affect certain career decisions?  Read article in JADA.

Also see the related Infographic.

New from HPI

The Oral Health Care System: A State-by-State Analysis

View now

The Health Policy Institute (HPI) aims to be a thought leader and trusted source for critical policy knowledge related to the U.S. dental care system. HPI achieves this by generating, synthesizing, and disseminating innovative research on a variety of topics that are relevant to policy makers, health care advocates, and providers within the U.S. dental care system. Some of the key issues that HPI focuses on include the impact of health reform on the dental care sector, access to dental care for key populations, dental practice economics, dental care service delivery and financing, and dental education.