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Dentist Participation in Medicaid
Dentist Participation in Medicaid or CHIP (PDF) (February 2017)

Dental Coverage Options through HealthCare.gov
Dental Coverage Options through HealthCare.gov (PDF) (January 2017)

International Students in U.S. Dental Schools (PDF) (November 2016)

Trends in U.S. Dental Schools (PDF) (November 2016) 

Medicaid Expansion and Dental Benefits Coverage (PDF) (November 2016) 

Is Medicaid Expansion Easing Cost Barriers to Dental Care for Low-Income Adults? (PDF) (October 2016) 

Untreated Caries Rates Falling Among Children, Rising Among Low-Income Adults and Seniors (PDF) (September 2016) 

Oral Health and Well-Being Among Seniors in the United States (PDF) (September 2016) 

U.S. Dentist Workforce by Age Group (PDF) (September 2016) 

Dentist Migration Across State Lines (PDF) (August 2016)

Are Millennials Interested in Receiving Dental Care in a Retail Setting? (PDF) (July 2016)

The Dentist Workforce - Key Facts (PDF) (July 2016)

Millennials Struggle to Navigate the Dental Options on HealthCare.gov (PDF) (May 2016)

2016 Take-Up Rate of Stand-Alone Dental Plans in HealthCare.gov (PDF) (April 2016)


Trends in U.S. Dental School Finances (PDF) (April 2016)

Predoctoral Dental Education Programs: Curriculum Format, Content and Innovations (PDF) (December 2015)


Distribution of Clock Hours of Instruction in Dental Schools by Class Year (PDF) (December 2015)


Student Debt and Career Choices (PDF) (December 2015)


Dental Hygiene Program Characteristics (PDF) (December 2015)


Dental Hygiene Student Characteristics by Type of Sponsoring Institution (PDF) (December 2015)


Dentistry: A Profession in Transition - 5 Trends in the Dental Care Market, 5 Future Forces Reshaping the Practice Environment, and 3 New Opportunities for the Dental Profession (PDF) (October 2015)

HPI Infographic Thumbnail
Health Insurance Marketplaces Offer a Variety of Dental Benefit Options, but Information Availability is an Issue (PDF) (March 2014)

HPI Infographic Thumbnail
More than 8 Million Adults Could Gain Dental Benefits through Medicaid Expansion (PDF) (February 2014)


HPI Infographic thumbnail
Screening for Chronic Diseases in the Dental Office (PDF) (February 2014)