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New ADA Credentialing Service for Your Practice

Welcome to the
ADA Credentialing Service

The ADA Credentialing Service allows you to conveniently enter, store, and update your professional dental credentials all in one place.

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ADA Credentialing
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Easily Register

Watch the how-to video below to learn how to easily register your credentials.

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Save Time & Avoid Hassles

Filling out credentialing forms can take hours. By having your necessary information on-hand, registering your credentials using the ADA Credentialing Service will take around 15 minutes.
Download the ADA Credentialing Checklist.

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Stay Current

Current practice information makes billing and payment processes more efficient. The ADA Credentialing Service automatically sends out reminders when your licenses or certifications are due to expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Credentialing?

    Credentialing is the process by which providers submit their professional information to third-party payers to enroll in their networks. Providers may also use this same process for hospitals and employers. For payers, credentialing requires professional information and supporting documents to be fully vetted or “verified” prior to enrollment and at ongoing intervals to maintain their validity.

  • What if I'm not an ADA Member?

    The service is also available to you. Every U.S. dentist is assigned an ADA Member Number (ADA User ID) upon entering dental school, so believe it or not, we have your number in our records. Please contact the Member Service Center at 800.621.8099 and they will help set up your login.

  • What information do I need to I have on hand to fill out the credentialing application?

    You will need your:

    • State License Number
    • NPI Number
    • Documentation of Education, including graduate and residency programs
    • Contact information for your school and residency programs
    • Passing dates for NBDE Parts I & II
    • Practice Information
    • Hospital Affiliations
    • Professional insurance information

    You may also need the following, if applicable:

    • Anesthesia License
    • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) License
    • CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substances) License
    • Medicare number
    • Medicaid number
    • BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
    • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) Certification

  • What about security?

    The ADA places a high value on dentist data, and we are committed to implementing rigorous security tools and protocols to ensure your data remains secure.

  • Will my credentialing information be verified?

    Payers, hospitals and employers are prepared to verify your information once they have retrieved it from the ADA credentialing database. At this time, the ADA Credentialing Service will not perform verification.

  • Are my insurance companies using this service?

    Right now, the service is available to all dentists to input their credential information, and we are working to provide access for payers, hospitals, networks and employers. In the meantime, we encourage you to register your credentials so your data will be in the system and readily available to payers when they are given access.

Contact Information

Both our Member Service Center and Credentialing Services will be happy to help you. If you are looking for help with your ADA User ID, please contact the Member Service Center.

Member Service Center
Phone: 800.621.8099
Email: msc@ada.org
Live Chat: Click the Live Chat button on the right to speak to a representative

Credentialing Services
Email: credentialing@ada.org
Fax: 312.587.5118

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