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Accreditation Updates: COVID-19

The Commission is monitoring COVID-19 and will post updates here as available. 

Unofficial Report of Major Actions (4/8/20)

Read the Unofficial Report of Major Actions (PDF), based on the Commission's Special Closed Meeting held on April 2, 2020 

Post-CODA Meeting Directives Related to Site Visits (4/3/20)

Read the Post-CODA Meeting Directives Related to Site Visits CODA Alert sent on 4/3/20 PDF 

Post-CODA Meeting Guidance on Interruption of Education Related to COVID-19 for the Class of 2020 (4/3/20)

Read the Guidelines for Reporting an Interruption of Education During COVID-19 (PDF)
Read the Guidance on Interruption of Education CODA Alert sent on 4/3/2020 (PDF)

Further CODA Guidance on Interruption of Education Related to COVID-19 (3/30/20)

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) has received further guidance from the United States Department of Education (USDE) following telephone calls with USDE staff on March 24 and 26, 2020. The guidance provides CODA with limited and temporary flexibility to consider modification of CODA’s Policies and Procedures, and the Accreditation Standards related to: 1) use of distance education, and 2) alternative assessment and curricular modifications.  

The Commission must consider the impact of changes related to the Accreditation Standards, while assuring the continued quality of dental education programs accredited by the Commission. The Commission will determine the degree to which policies, procedures, and temporary modifications to the Accreditation Standards may be permitted and will circulate further guidance based upon the tentative timeline below.  

No specific program guidance can be issued until CODA and its Review Committees convene, likely April 13, 2020.

Tentative Timeline for Next Steps by CODA Related to Management of Interruption of Education Based on COVID-19:

  • April 2, 2020, CODA to hold closed, special meeting to discuss USDE guidance and determine policies, procedures and Accreditation Standards that should be reviewed.
  • April 6-10, 2020, CODA Review Committees to consider potential, temporary guidance to programs and temporary alternatives to requirements of the Accreditation Standards.
  • April 13, 2020, CODA to hold closed, special meeting to discuss Review Committee recommendations and issue directive on final, temporary allowances to policies, procedures, and Accreditation Standards.
  • Mid- to Late-April, all programs must submit report to CODA related to status of program (reported changes or attestation that program operational as usual).
  • Early May, Review Committees convene to consider program reviews.
  • Mid-May, CODA to hold closed, special meeting to take action on program reports. 

CODA Statement on Dental Clinic Operations during COVID-19 (3/23/20)

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) recognizes that dental and dental related education programs provide students with clinical experiences within the educational curriculum. The Commission recognizes the rapidly changing impact that COVID-19 has on clinical operations. CODA also recognizes that decisions related to the operation of dental clinics during COVID-19 are made by dental education programs based upon information and requirements at the local, state, and federal level, they are not dictated by the Commission. The Commission expects educational programs to adhere to appropriate health and safety regulations of local, state and federal agencies with regard to operation of dental facilities.

General CODA Updates (3/20/20)

As mentioned in prior updates, please note the following:

  • As it telecommutes during COVID-19, CODA staff will rely primarily on email to correspond with CODA communities. Due to the high volume of inquiries regarding COVID-19, please be prepared for a lengthy delay in response. This CODA website features a Staff Directory which includes the email address of our Director, Office Coordinator, Managers, and Site Visit Coordinators.
  • Because there are no staff members present in the CODA office to accept mail or packages for the foreseeable future, PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL, OVERNIGHT, OR ANY OTHER PACKAGES TO THE CODA OFFICE. If you must do so, please alert the proper CODA manager of what you are sending, when, and via what service.
  • In the same vein, please do not phone the CODA office, as there is no one there to take your call. Again, email is preferred and staff will be happy to set up a phone call, as needed.
  • As you email documents, please follow the Commission’s Electronic Submission Guidelines. Please also closely follow the Commission’s Policy and Procedure related to compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally a new form, Administrator Verification form, has been posted to the Electronic Submission Guidelines section of this website to aid you in your electronic submissions.

2020 Annual Accreditation Fee Invoice: CODA staff is closely monitoring the circumstances surrounding the spread of Coronavirus, and recognizes institutions may experience delays in processing their 2020 Annual Accreditation Fee Invoice due to closures and other issues. Staff will do everything possible to assist programs and institutions in submitting their payment. Currently, the best payment option is to mail a check or credit card information to the Remit To: address listed at the bottom of every invoice.

The Commission has called a Special Closed Meeting on Thursday, April 2, 2020. The meeting will focus on CODA’s ongoing operations in response to the COVID-19 impact on dental and dental related educational programs. Actions taken will be published as soon as possible following this Special Closed Meeting.  

Update on Potential Temporary Flexibility in Site Visit Process and Other Accreditation Updates During COVID-19 (3/18/20)

Read the Update on Site Visit Process During COVID-19 (PDF)

Statement to CODA-Accredited Programs (3/13/20)

This statement pertains to information regarding:

  • Interruption of education and use of distance education modalities
  • Program Length
  • Conduct of 2020 Site Visits (Those Scheduled Now Through April 10, 2020)

Read the Statement to CODA-Accredited Programs (PDF)

Statement to CODA Site Visitors (3/13/20)

This statement is regarding the decision to cancel and reschedule all remaining site visits that were to occur prior to April 10, 2020:

Read the Statement to CODA Site Visitors (PDF)