Articles on veracity

JADA Ethical Moment articles: veracity

5.A. Representation of Care

5.A.1. Dental Amalgam and Other Restorative Materials

5.A.2. Unsubstantiated Representations

5.B. Representation of Fees

5.B.1. Waiver of Copayment

5.B.2. Overbilling

5.B.3. Fee Differential

5.B.4. Treatment Dates

5.B.5. Dental Procedures

5.B.6. Unnecessary Services

5.C. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

5.D. Devices and Therapeutic Methods

5.D.1. Reporting Adverse Reactions

5.D.2. Marketing or Sale of Products or Procedures

5.E. Professional Announcement

5.F. Advertising

5.F.1. Published Communications

5.F.2. Examples of "False or Misleading"

5.F.3. Unearned, Nonhealth Degrees

5.F.4. Referral Services

5.F.5. Infectious Disease Test Results

5.G. Name of Practice

5.G.1. Dentist Leaving Practice

5.H. Announcement of Specialization and Limitation of Practice

General Standards

5.H.1. Dual Degreed Dentists

5.H.2. Specialist Announcement of Credentials in Non-Specialty Interest Areas

5.I. General Practitioner Announcement of Services

5.I.1. General Practitioner Announcement of Credentials In Non-Specialty Interest Areas

5.I.2. Credentials in General Dentistry