Discover how the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) gives dentists a voice in Washington, D.C.

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Helping elect leaders who care about oral health

Through the financial contributions of member dentists, ADPAC supports congressional candidates who understand the importance of dentistry and its contribution to overall health. Regardless of party affiliation, ADPAC supports candidates who will advocate for dentists and patients. We also work with dentists who seek public office at local, state and national levels.

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Landing page
Landing page
Your support helps gives dentists One Voice United in Washington, D.C.
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The annual Specialty Physician & Dentist Candidate Workshop on political campaigning.
Join thousands of dentists and dental students to advocate for your patients and profession.

Welcome from the ADPAC Chair

On behalf of the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC), I am pleased to welcome you to the ADPAC homepage. 

ADPAC is a bipartisan PAC that truly believes in the old adage “We Help Those Who Help Us”; regardless of party affiliation.

Your PAC gives dentists a voice in the public policy arena on behalf of your practice, your patients and your profession. It is our most powerful resource in making a difference in Washington.
Your ADPAC Board is committed to providing complete transparency to our members regarding PAC financial information, activities and accomplishments.

This website shows the many different aspects of ADPAC and why it is important for you to become a contributing member. The ADPAC Board needs your commitment in order for us to achieve our goal of becoming the largest healthcare PAC in the U.S.

ADPAC gives dentists “One Voice United” in Washington, D.C. Thank you for your continued support, allowing us to continue promoting growth and advancing the future of dentistry.

Dr. Hal Fair

ADPAC Chairman

What is ADPAC?

ADPAC, the American Dental Political Action Committee, is the bipartisan voice of thousands of dentists who care deeply about their patients and their profession. We educate dentists about the importance of political action and help elect congressional candidates who support dentistry. By supporting ADPAC, you keep the profession of dentistry strong and its principles uncompromised.

Why do we have a PAC?

Congress introduces more than 3,000 bills each year that can affect our patients, our practice, our profession and the public. ADPAC combines the resources of dentists across the country to make a substantial impact on public policy.

Who can participate in ADPAC?

Members of the ADA and its affiliates who are U.S. citizens or permanent Green Card holders residing in the U.S. can participate in ADPAC. U.S. dental students are also eligible to take part.

Which candidates does ADPAC support?

Our support is non-partisan. We base financial decisions on the positions and voting records of candidates, with an eye to issues that matter to dentists, patients and the public.

How can I get in touch with my local ADPAC board member?
2021-2022 ADPAC Board Roster

Contact adpac@ada.org to reach the ADPAC team.