ADA new login credentials: FAQ

The ADA is upgrading its technology to a modern system that will enable the ADA and Tripartite to deliver more value to our customers through a more streamlined experience and enhanced services and support.

As part of this upgrade, all ADA customers will be required to update their login credentials beginning July 8.

Why do I need to change my login for my ADA account?

Your ADA member number will no longer be used for login. Instead, you will use your unique email address and password to access your ADA account.

How do I change my password?

On or after July 8, 2024, when you click “log in” on and many state and local dental society websites, you will see a new login screen and a prompt to log in with your email address and reset your password.

When do I need to change my ADA login username and password?

You will need to change your username and password beginning on July 8, 2024, when the new system comes online. You do not need to do anything prior to July 8. When you log in to your ADA account on or after July 8, your username will require an email address that is unique (only used by you). This email will be your new username. You will also need to create a new password.

Why do all customers need to use a unique email address to log in?

Beginning July 8, your username will change from your ADA member number to your unique email address. This is required to improve the security of your account and ensure that only authorized users can access the ADA system.

What happens if I do not know the email address that is associated with my ADA account?

The ADA will send you an email prompting you to change your password; you will use this email for your ADA username. If you try to log in with one or more email addresses that are not recognized, contact the Member Service Center for support at 312-440-2500 or

Why do I need to create a new ADA password?

The ADA requires that all customers create a new password to improve the security of your ADA account.

What if I do not have a unique email address, or I have shared my email address with other customers, or I receive a message that my email address is already in use?

The new system will require unique login credentials for each customer. You may need to use a different email account if your email address is shared with other people to access ADA resources. If you believe your email address is being shared, please contact the Member Service Center at 312-440-2500 or email to request support in establishing a unique email address for your account.

How will I know if the email request to change my log in is from the ADA?

On July 7 or 8, you will receive an email from the ADA notifying you that you must change your password. Visit and click “log In” to access the ADA’s new login page which will confirm that a change in login is required. If you have concerns about the validity of the email request, you may contact the Member Service Center at or call 312-440-2500.

What if my password reset email does not arrive in either my mailbox or spam folder?

If you do not receive the email to reset your password in July, you can still go to, click “log in” and you will be guided to create a new password.

What should I know about the system transition time from June 30–July 7?

From June 30–July 7, ADA will be moving from the old system to the new. You will be able to log in to ADA sites to access resources, downloads and CE you may have already purchased. You may also place new online orders for ADA Store products and ADA webinars and online courses.

However, during this week, you will not be able to change your account information, receive new products and services or register for events.

What should I expect to see when I log in to ADA sites for the first time on or after July 8?

When you log in to ADA websites and many state and local society websites, you'll find your profile details including both personal and professional information, along with access to tripartite resources and membership status. By logging into your account, you can also explore additional features such as state or local product catalogs including continuing education, as well as information on products, services, and upcoming events offered by state or local societies.

Can I order from ADA Store and ADA CE during the system transition time (June 30-July 7)?

You can order from and during the transition time by placing your order online.

  • ADA Store orders: New online orders can be placed, but products will not start shipping until July 8. New e-books will not be accessible on until July 8.
  • CE courses (livestream and online) can be ordered from and completed. Credits for courses completed during the transition will appear on your transcript. Previously purchased courses will still be accessible, and previously completed credits will still appear on your ADA transcript.
  • Online registration for CE workshops will be paused during this time. However, credits for workshops previously taken will still appear on your transcript at

Will I need to use my new ADA account login credentials to access CAQH?

Yes. Your unique email address and password will be used to log in to CAQH starting July 8.

Who can I contact for assistance?

You can call the ADA Member Service Center at 312-440-2500, available weekdays between 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central, or send us a message via email or chat.