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Fluoride and Fluoridation Articles in the Journal of the American Dental Association

Carious lesion remineralizing potential of fluoride-and calcium-containing toothpastes (May 2019)

Preventive oral health care use and oral health status among US children (April 2019)

Your child's teeth (Feb 2019)

Preventive dental care use for children with special health care needs in Washington's Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program (Jan 2019)

Access to preventive services after the integration of oral health care into early childhood education and medical care (Dec 2018)

Evidence-based clinical practice guideline on nonrestorative treatments for carious lesions: A report from the American Dental Association (Oct 2018) 

Options for dealing with tooth decay (Oct 2018) 

Enamel remineralization therapies for treating postorthodontic white-spot lesions (Sept 2018)

Community Water Fluoridation Linked to Reduced Caries in U.S. Children and Adolescents, Researchers Report (Sept 2018) 

Silver diamine fluoride seems to be effective in preventing and arresting root caries in older adults compared with placebo, but there is very low certainty in the magnitude of the benefit (Aug 2018) 

There seem to be no differences in outcomes 7 days after treating dentin hypersensitivity with glutaraldehyde or fluoride varnish (July 2018) 

There seem to be no differences between the benefits of resin-based sealants with and without fluoride in cooperative children at high risk of developing caries (June 2018) 

Secondary Sjogren syndrome: A case report using silver diamine fluoride and glass ionomer cement (May 2018) 

Controlling caries in exposed root surfaces with silver diamine fluoride: A systematic review with meta-analysis (May 2018)

Fluoridation advocacy in referenda where media coverage is balanced yet biased (April 2018)

Although silver diamine fluoride arrested caries sooner than fluoride varnish, the overall proportion of arrested caries was not importantly different after 30 months (April 2018) 

Increasing concentration and application frequency of silver diamine fluoride results in more arrested carious lesions being stained black but no other important adverse effects (Mar 2018) 

Can diabetes affect my oral health? (Feb 2018) 

Nutritional and dental issues in patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (Feb 2018) 

Application of fluoride varnish during childhood and adolescence seems to be more cost-effective than doing nothing for patients with medium and high caries risk (Jan 2018)

Silver diamine fluoride is probably more effective than atraumatic restorative treatment, fluoride varnish, or no treatment for controlling caries progression in children (Jan 2018) 

37% silver diamine fluoride is more effective than 12% silver diamine fluoride in arresting caries in the primary dentition (Dec 2017)

Insufficient evidence about the effects of fluoride supplements taken during pregnancy in preventing childhood caries (Dec 2017)

Dental disease before radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer: Clinical Registry of Dental Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer Patients (Dec 2017) 

The significance of the US Food and Drug Administration for dental professionals and safe patient care (Nov 2017) 

Baking soda dentifrices and oral health (Nov 2017) 

Dentifrice containing potassium chloride may be more effective than standard fluoride dentifrice for the relief of dentin hypersensitivity (Oct 2017) 

Surface characteristics and lesion depth and activity of suspicious occlusal carious lesions: Findings from The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (Oct 2017) 

Insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of nonfluoride agents on caries prevention in primary dentition (Oct 2017) 

Fissure sealants and fluoride varnish were not different in terms of their effectiveness in preventing dental caries in permanent first molars (July 2017) 

Fluoride-releasing resin adhesive did not prevent formation of white-spot lesions related to fixed-orthodontic appliances compared with conventional adhesive (June 2017) 

Fluoride-based caries prevention program probably results in a small reduction in the incidence of caries compared with advice only (July 2017) 

Charcoal and charcoal-based dentifrices: A literature review (June 2017) 

The association between diabetes mellitus, sugar-sweetened beverages, and tooth loss in adults: Evidence from 18 states (May 2017) 

Regular oral health education is effective in reducing caries incidence whereas fluoride varnish seems to have no added benefit (May 2017) 

Parental perceptions and acceptance of silver diamine fluoride staining (April 2017)

Strategies to improve dental health in elderly patients with cognitive impairment (April 2017)

Limited evidence suggests fluoride mouthrinse may reduce dental caries in children and adolescents (April 2017)

Toothbrushing duration and dentifrice dosage are associated with remineralization of enamel specimens (April 2017)

Gradual weaning and oral care management of prolonged breast-feeding based on family preferences (Mar 2017) 

Fluoride varnish and fluoride film reduce the area and increase the fluorescence of postorthodontic white-spot lesions (Feb 2017) 

Limited evidence suggesting silver diamine fluoride may arrest dental caries in children (Feb 2017) 

Insufficient evidence to claim that more frequent toothbrushing reduces the risk of developing new caries (Jan 2017) 

But it really is what is best for the patient (Nov 2016) 

Evidence-based clinical practice guideline for the use of pit-and-fissure sealants: A report of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (Aug 2016) 

Sealants for preventing and arresting pit-and-fissure occlusal caries in primary and permanent molars: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials--a report of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (Aug 2016) 

Considerations in identifying pediatric dental neglect and the legal obligation to report (June 2016)

Long-term study reports that sugar consumption is associated with caries despite use of fluoride (Mar 2016)

Approximal and occlusal carious lesions: Restorative treatment decisions by California dentists (Feb 2016)

Integrating the domains of dentistry and research (Feb 2016)

Are topical fluorides effective for treating incipient carious lesions? (Feb 2016)

Oral health concerns for older adults (Feb 2016)

Clinical practice guidelines for oral management of Sjogren disease: Dental caries prevention (Jan 2016)

Pre- and postoperative dexamethasone does not reduce bleaching-induced tooth sensitivity (Jan 2016)