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Cover Story: Increased Opioid Prescription Fills After Dental Procedures Performed Before Weekends and Holidays

The authors study whether opioid prescription fill rates would increase on the days before a weekend or holiday among patients undergoing outpatient dental procedures.




Oral Disorders Associated With the Experience of Verbal Bullying Among Brazilian School-Aged Children: A Case-Control Study

The authors investigate the association between the presence of oral disorders and the occurrence of verbal bullying among 8- through 10-year-old school-aged children.


Impact of Visual Inspection and Radiographs for Caries Detection in Children Through a 2-Year Randomized Clinical Trial: The Caries Detection in Children–1 Study

The authors conduct a clinical trial to compare the detection, and subsequent treatment, of carious lesions in primary molars performed with visual inspection alone and with radiographic examination.


Pediatric Dental Care Use and Parent- or Caregiver-Rated Oral Health Among Alabama Children Enrolled in Medicaid

The authors estimate parent- or caregiver-reported prevalence of and identified factors associated with children’s dental care use in Alabama.


Loneliness and Disability as Predictors of Oral Diseases Among 2 Groups of Older Adults in Central India

The authors assess the association of loneliness and disability with oral health in 2 groups of older adults in central India.


Blood Spatter in Oral Surgery: Prevalence and Risk Factors

The authors evaluate the prevalence of and risk factors for blood spatter in facial masks during oral surgery procedures.


Implant Stability and Survival Rates of a Hydrophilic Versus a Conventional Sandblasted, Acid-Etched Implant Surface: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

The authors evaluate the stability and survival rates of implants with a hydrophilic surface compared with those with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface.


Fracture Necrosis: A Risk Indicator for Tooth Loss

The authors present cases of 2 adult men with crown-originating fractures and suspected fracture necrosis that had localized periodontal bone and attachment loss associated with severe pain on mastication from mandibular second molars.


Ethical Considerations When Participating in Global Mission Trips Before Dental School

The authors explore the ethical considerations of providing dental care as a volunteer before attending dental school.


Safety in Dental Care: Where Is Our Surveillance Imperative?

Dr. Casamassimo addresses the need for ongoing surveillance and study of safety issues in dentistry.


Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: An American Dental Association Clinical Evaluators Panel Survey
The authors report the results of an American Dental Association Clinical Evaluators Panel Survey in which panel members were asked about the role of the dentists and their team in discussing the human papillomavirus vaccine and administering the vaccine in a dental setting.


The Changing Oral Health Care Needs of Older Adults

Use this handout to let older patients know what oral health changes they may experience.


It is very difficult to not only keep up with the most up-to-date information in dentistry, but also to be able to assess the scientific rigor of the information. Clinical Scans is your go-to resource!


Licensed US dentists can earn up to 3 CE credits every month through the JADA CE Online program. This month's program highlights 3 topics:

• Opioid prescription filled after dental procedures performed before weekends and holidays
• Impact of visual inspection and radiographs for caries detection in children
• Blood spatter in oral surgery


Introduced in 1913, The Journal of the American Dental Association is the nation's premier dental journal—a reliable, peer-reviewed source of information on dentistry and dental science.