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Photo of Dr. Zamlin


The recurring wrinkle in time

In the venn diagram of where Black people and dentists intersect you will find me. The first thing you may notice about me is that I am a Black woman with locks; not a well-rounded, caring, well-educated, accomplished doctor.

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The perks of joining a study club

So you recently completed four (or three, I’m looking at you UoP Alumni) rigorous years of training. Countless exams. Late nights. Too much coffee. Not enough sleep. Now you have been asked to join a “study club?” Give me a break.

For Oregon dentist, Supreme Court ruling on DACA offers relief

“Being an undocumented individual, you live with not knowing what will happen,” Dr. Eddie Ramirez said. “But for now, I’m thankful that we’re allowed to continue.”

ADA Accelerator Series webinar focuses on work-life balance

The ADA Accelerator Series seeks to help dentists get more done in less time by getting rid of the energy-sucking tasks that may drain their lives.

For a Florida dentist, communication is key as practice reopens during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Katie Champion is still working on her “smize” — smiling with only her eyes.

Free webinar: Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Join a PPO

Many dentists sign participating PPO provider agreements without actually crunching the financial numbers to determine if it is a good fit for the practice.

Are you new around here? Why ADAPT does things differently

Recent dental school grads feel like they lacked choices. Practice owners are frustrated by how hard it can be to find the right buyer or associate. Find out how ADA Practice Transitions used feedback from dentists to create a better way to enter or leave practices.

Dentists can take lead, action in responding to vaping spike

It can start with a simple, straightforward question: Do you vape or use e-cigarettes?

In an effort to help patients improve their oral and overall health, dentists should proactively broach the topic of vaping, according to Dr. Andrew Welles, a new dentist member of the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention.

Tooth Talk: Dr. Colleen Greene shares unique perspective on social justice, dentistry, public health

“We know the impact of a name can lead to different judgments,” she added. “And we know that not every person who may have a perception about [the name] Tyrika versus a Dominic, or Tyrika versus a Heather, we know that not each of those people are necessarily racist. But what is being discussed this week that I’m encouraged by is this concept of anti-racism.”


Featuring personal stories and insight on the dental profession for new dentists and dental students.


From managing debt to practice management, the ADA offers support for dentists who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago.


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The ADA New Dentist News is a member resource for new dentists and dental students offering in-depth stories, news and insight about new dentists and their experiences across the practice paradigms in dentistry. The publication is a quarterly print supplement to the ADA News, while its website offers the latest news affecting new dentists today. The New Dentist News was created by the ADA New Dentist Committee, which advises the ADA Board of Trustees on the needs, interest and concerns of dentists who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago.