Letters: Dr. Paul Gosar

Dr. Paul Gosar was elected by the 4th District in Arizona to represent them. As an old dental colleague of his who has known him for 20 years, I am sad to say I was one of many dentists he fooled into supporting him after he promised he would not tow the party line but to think issues through as a representative; a representative of more than right-wing causes and beliefs.  

He now is representing to the nation that his constituents are misinformed, bigoted, believe-anything they read or hear from Breitbart, InfoWars, Fox and the rest of the conservative news sources and has proved to be an embarrassment to many of us who live here, along with embarrassing his family so much that his siblings were featured in commercials critical of him in the last election cycle.  

I frequently meet people in my new adopted hometown, and upon their learning I am a dentist, they ask me if that is how dentists in general feel, and if he is supported financially by the ADA. I know ADPAC is not the ADA, but their continued support has led to me not being a donor to them any more. I asked in a local letter to the editor,“In a system of representative government, do the voters here admire those traits so much that they would vote for him again?” I now ask the dental membership, and ADPAC, will you continue to support him? I surely hope not.

David Lurye, D.D.S.
Prescott, Arizona