Letters: Transitions

I read with great interest the article “Dentists Can Plot Their Futures Through Transitions,” in the Oct. 21, 2019, ADA News. Also I appreciate the videos of the meeting (available at Success.ADA.org/en/education/big-idea-2019), which go a long way to improve communication with ADA members about this very important subject. The information is thorough and comprehensive as it addresses the mechanics of the process.

However, throughout the article and in the presentations of the “experts in their field,” one word is glaringly missing: “Why?” As a person looks to the future and a transition, the first question should always be, “Why?” Early in one’s career, the answer may be as simple as, “Because I want to be prepared.” The answer will change as a person and the practice age and will also help determine the “how” and “when.”

Our work with retiring dentists for the past 11 years clearly shows that transitions are much more than “simple” mechanics.

Neil S. Hiltunen, D.M.D.
President, Association of Retiring Dentists
North Hampton, New Hampshire