Letters: ADA policy on prayer

I was very saddened by the ADA’s new policy to have a moment of silence rather than an invocation that centered around ethical care for patients. I am shocked that the ADA has put political correctness above unity in membership. Why become more diverse and splintered instead of promoting unity? We all have differences on many various issues that hinge on values, morals and ethics. We should all be working toward ethical and legal care for our patients. There is nothing wrong to give attention to the many various cultures and beliefs. But to throw out a unifying invocation is sad and disappointing. Those that do not want to take part in such a unifying invocation need not do so. But to take that away from others in the name of politically correct diversity is wrong. Now, in the interest of being more diverse, imploring less unity, the ADA has just shot itself in the foot. I have been an ADA member since I graduated from the Ohio State University Dental School in 1977. Rather than take the higher road of unity, the ADA is now pursuing a nonunited, more divisive membership.

Joseph P. Graskemper, D.D.S.
Bellport, New York