Letters: SmileCon fees


I have been attending the annual ADA sessions for over 50 years. In the past, you never charged a registration fee. Within the last 10 years you instituted a registration fee of $50, which I felt was equitable, fair and reasonable. Now you have instituted a policy of a three-tier registration fee starting at $149 for an ADA member and the same fee for a spouse. This policy is fair and reasonable for many but not equitable for all. I am an ADA life member practicing about 15 hours a week and  am 82 years of age. I have always attended the ADA meetings for over 50 years with my spouse, and I looked forward to meeting old classmates and other dental practitioners from around the country.

I have also enjoyed wandering through the exhibit halls and attending the alumni functions and any other amenities that the ADA offered. At my age, I do not need any more continuing education credits or the courses offered under the $149 registration fee. I believe in paying for any courses or events that you offer at my own discretion as I would at any other dental convention.

As a life member of the Academy of General Dentistry I do not have to pay a registration fee for their annual meetings. I would only pay for any event that I would attend that has a fee. There are other meetings nationwide that do not charge registration fees.

I am sure I am not the only one in this category that feels the $149 provides no value due to my circumstances. I am sure that there are many other life members of the ADA that would like to attend but feel the same way as I do. I would hope that the registration committee would re-evaluate their policies and allow members who are over 65 and/or 75 years of age who do not need CE credits to attend the annual session.

Robert Trager, D.D.S.
Jamaica, New York