How to Create the Right Exit Plan for You

An illustration of a group dental practice

If you own a practice, you’ll eventually need an exit strategy. And it’s wise to start thinking about your preferences long before you think you’ll need to sell. After all, sometimes life happens and forces you to act sooner.

It can feel daunting to think about walking away from the practice you’ve spent decades building. How will your patients be cared for? What about your loyal staff?

And what about YOU? What will you do during your retirement?

Relax. You have options — probably more than you realize! Retirement doesn’t always have to look like a 100% sale in which you hand over the keys and never look back. Today, many doctors are approaching their retirement as a years-long transition period during which they can do more of what they love — and leave behind the things they don’t prefer. That can take a lot of forms, including practicing part-time, teaching/mentoring, helping underserved populations, or making a fresh start in an entirely new-to-you practice. Your options are limited only by your imagination!

To help you out, we’ve developed a new ebook, Building the Right Exit Plan For You. This free guide includes:

  • Essential questions to ask yourself as you think about retirement
  • Descriptions of seven common (and not-so-common) exit strategies
  • A quiz to determine which path(s) might be right for you
  • Tips on thinking through and starting the process
  • Additional resources to guide your journey

Download the ebook now to get started!