How to Manage & Retain Staff During a Practice Transition

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This ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk Webinar featured Dr. Betsy Shapiro of the ADA and ADAPT's Dr. Suzanne Ebert.

Drs. Shapiro and Ebert explained how to help the whole staff meld into a functional team during a practice transition while ensuring the new dentist successfully fits in. Find out how buyer and seller (or owner and associate) can work together to make this happen.

Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Involve staff in the practice transitions process
  • Write a smart job description
  • Retain, hire, and terminate staff during a transition
  • Conduct joint treatment planning sessions that build trust between the new dentist and existing staff
  • Navigate COVID-related staff issues, including what to do if staff are reluctant to return from furlough


Dr. Betsy Shapiro, ADA Director of Practice Management and the Center for Professional Success

Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Practice Transitions Vice President of Dental Practice & Relationship Management

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