Dental licensure maps

Find information about initial licensure, licensure by credentials, CE and renewal requirements, and specialty licensure for each state and territory. 

The ADA attempts to keep all maps current based on available information from state dental boards, clinical testing agencies and state dental associations. The ADA is aware that changes may be in process across the states, but only official documented changes are reflected on the maps.

Individuals seeking information on dental licensure requirements are strongly urged to consult with the respective state board of dentistry in addition to using the maps below. Definitions and explanations of licensure pathways and abbreviations (e.g., ADEX, CIF exams, PGY1, OSCE) used on the map can be found on the Licensure for Dental Students page.

From the green Dental Licensure Dashboard below select one of the following maps:

  • Initial Licensure Requirements 
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  • Licensure by Credentials
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