How the ADA Data Experience and Research Exchange benefits dental providers

DERE can help improve patient outcomes in your practice and beyond.

An info graphic depicting the ADA Dental Experience and Research Exchange.

Each participating dental practice will have access to a customized data portal to view their practice’s personalized dashboard. Within this unique dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Get an overall snapshot of your patient and practice data
  • Filter your practice’s data by Registered Provider and location
  • Generate, visualize and analyze reports on specific quality measures that can help a participating practice to:
    • Understand the completeness of patient records;
    • Assess the practice’s procedure and population profiles;
    • Assess the practice's dental caries and periodontal disease prevention and disease management profile; and
    • Assess average charges and net revenue (after adjustments) per patient.

The ADA has selected specific quality measures based on an evaluation of evidence of their validity and reliability in the context of dental practice performance assessment. These quality measure reports can help a participating dental practice to better understand their practice patterns and treatment outcomes. Additionally, this data will help to support the development of quality measures, evidence-based guidelines, healthcare policies and clinical decision support tools.

As the volume of data increases to support benchmarking, practices will also be able compare themselves to aggregated data from other participating practices through custom queries at no cost. This can help make a difference to patients and dental practices by supporting collaborative learning and continually identifying opportunities for care improvement.

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