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The ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) is a thought leader for critical policy knowledge about the U.S. dental care system.

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Thought leadership for better oral care

The ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) is a highly respected source of information on the U.S. dental economy for policymakers, advocates, clinicians and other industry leaders.. We conduct innovative studies on a wide range of topics, including access to dental care, the dental workforce, utilization and benefits, dental education, oral care outcomes and more.

HPI’s poll of dentists examines how dental practices have changed during the pandemic.
Publications on dental care utilization and expenditures across the U.S.
Research on dental practice structure, dentists' earnings and reimbursement trends.
Trends in the current and future supply of dentists, along with workforce demographics.
Demographic trends and more among students in accredited dental programs.
Research on dental benefits, access and barriers to care, and oral health outcomes.
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Tools for policymakers

Crucial information for oral health policymakers and advocates.

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HPI Consulting

Custom research and resources for leaders of large group practices, dental insurers, manufacturers and other decision makers.

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