Dental Quality Alliance (DQA)™

Committed to improving patient care and safety through the collaborative development of oral healthcare measures.

Text above the logo for the Dental Quality Alliance reads, "Advancing performance measurements as a means to improve oral health, patient care, and safety though a consensus building process."


DQA Meeting Dates

Upcoming DQA Meeting Dates:

  • Friday, November 17th, 2023
  • Friday, June 14th, 2024
  • Friday, November 22nd, 2024

April 06, 2022


State Oral Healthcare Quality Dashboard

Dynamically generated state oral healthcare quality reports.

Oral Healthcare Quality Report on screen
Dental Quality Measures and Measure Development Resources
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Topic page
Quality Measurement Webinars and other DQA Educational Tools
Oral Healthcare Quality Reports and Quality Improvement Resources

What is the DQA?

The Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) was established by the American Dental Association to develop performance measures for oral health care. The DQA is an organization of major stakeholders in oral health care delivery that use a collaborative approach to develop oral health care measures. The mission of the DQA is to advance performance measurement as a means to improve oral health, patient care, and safety through a consensus-building process. 


  1. To identify and develop evidence-based oral health care performance measures and measurement resources.
  2. To advance the effectiveness and scientific basis of clinical performance measurement and improvement.
  3. To foster and support professional accountability, transparency, and value in oral health care through the development, implementation and evaluation of performance measurement.

Current Member Organizations, Committees and Workgroups

Organizational Members (Voting)
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology
  • American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Academy of Periodontology
  • American Association of Endodontists
  • American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Association of Public Health Dentistry
  • American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Board of Prosthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • American Dental Education Association
  • American Dental Hygienists' Association
  • America's Health Insurance Plans
  • CareQuest Institute for Oral Health
  • Delta Dental Plans Association
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Managed Care of North America Dental
  • National Association of Dental Plans
  • National Network for Oral Health Access
  • The Joint Commission


  • Public Member
Associate Organizational Members (Non-Voting)
  • American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research
  • D4C Dental Brands
  • DentaQuest LLC
  • Haleon
Technical Advisors/Liaisons
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Defense Health Agency
  • The Food and Drug Administration
  • Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Medicaid-Medicare-CHIP Services Dental Association
  • Veterans Health Administration
2023 Officers
  • Chair: Ralph Cooley, Academy of General Dentistry
  • Chair-elect: Linda Vidone, CareQuest Institute for Oral Health
2023 Executive Committee Members
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, (Representative: Paul Casamassimo)
  • American Dental Education Association, (Representative: Ronald Hunt)
  • Academy of General Dentistry, (Representative: Ralph Cooley)
  • American Dental Association, (Representative: Craig Amundson)
  • American Dental Association, (Representative: James Crall)
  • American Dental Association, (Representative: Irene Hilton) 
  • American Dental Association (Representative Michael Saba)
  • American Dental Association, (Representative: Robert Margolin)
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (Representative: Natalia Chalmers)
  • National Association of Dental Plans, (Representative: Mark Jurkovich)
  • National Network for Oral Health Access (Representative: An Nguyen)
2023 Education Committee

This Committee is charged with creating programs to enhance stakeholder’s knowledge regarding performance measures, performance measurement and DQA activities.

Committee Members 

  • Chair: Marie Schweinebraten, Periodontist, Georgia Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Christopher Bulnes, General Dentist, Buckenheimer & Bulnes 
  • Ashley Casey, Co-Founder, Smiles 2 Go
  • Ralph Cooley, Assistant Dean, Admissions & Student Services; Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Houston School of Dentistry 
  • Tom Meyers, Vice President, Product Policy, America's Health Insurance Plans
  • Jesley Ruff, Board of Directors, Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality
  • Linda Vidone, Periodontist; Vice President, Clinical Management, Delta Dental of Massachusetts; CareQuest Institute for Oral Health
Executive Committee Liaison (American Dental Education Association): Ronald Hunt, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Midwestern University 
2023 Measure Development and Maintenance Committee

This Committee is charged with identifying and developing evidence-based oral health care performance measures and measurement resources while continually advancing the effectiveness and scientific basis of clinical performance measurement and improvement.

 Committee Members

  • Chair: Craig Amundson, General Dentist, HealthPartners 
  • Tim Wright, Distinguished Professor, The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
  • Fred Eichmiller, Vice President and Science Officer, Delta Dental Wisconsin 
  • Chris Farrell, Oral Health Program Director, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • An Nyugen, Chief Dental Officer, Clinica Family Health
  • Chris Okunseri, Director, Predoctoral Program, Dental Public Health, Marquette University
  • Bob Russell, Dental Public Health Consultant
  • Robert Margolin, Executive Committee Liaison (ADA)
2023 Quality Improvement & Implementation Committee

This Committee is charged with overseeing the planning, development, and operation of a DQA Technical Assistance Resource Center to support and advance use of DQA and DQA-endorsed measures, and application of improvement science to improve oral health care quality and performance within programs, plans and practices. 

  • Chair: James Crall, Professor & Chair, Division of Public Health and Community Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry