Professionally-Applied and Prescription-Strength, Home-Use Topical Fluoride Agents for Caries Prevention Clinical Practice Guideline (2013)

A panel of experts convened by the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs presents an evidence-based clinical practice guideline and systematic review on professionally-applied and prescription-strength, home-use topical fluoride agents for caries prevention including mouthrinses, varnishes, gels, foams, and pastes.

Key Points

  • The panel recommends the following for people at risk of developing dental caries: 2.26% fluoride varnish or 1.23% fluoride (acidulated phosphate fluoride) gel, or a prescription-strength, home-use 0.5% fluoride gel or paste or 0.09% fluoride mouthrinse for 6 years or older.
  • Only 2.26% fluoride varnish is recommended for children younger than 6 years.
  • As part of the evidence-based approach to care, these clinical recommendations should be integrated with the practitioner’s professional judgment and the patient’s needs and preferences. 
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