Afghanistan Dental Relief Project (ADRP)

122 South Patterson Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Dr. James Rolfe
Phone: 805.963.2329
Mission: Afghanistan has only one dentist for 250,000 population, and in rural areas no care is accessible. People are dying from multiple abscessed teeth, while 3,000,000 orphans have no opportunity for technical training. ADRP's program is to improve the infrastructure in dentistry through establishing clinics and providing dental technology training in Afghanistan.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Countries/Regions Served: Afghanistan
Duration: Ongoing, year-round
Recruited Personnel:

Dental professionals, dental suppliers and equipment manufacturers, teachers, construction workers, fund-raisers, eager and willing hands.

Dental educators are sought who are interested in teaching dental technology to current staff members and students, in order to elevate the technical infrastructure of our dental staff and students.

Language Requirements: None. Farsi helpful but not required, English spoken.
Accommodations: Spartan on-site shared accommodations with available food and security for $15 per day; off-site commercial guest houses nearby, transportation available.
Materials Needed: Dental equipment and supplies, construction materials, tools, vehicles, existing buildings/buildable land in underserved areas of Afghanistan; financial support.
Dates and Locations:
Clinics operated year-round in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Patient getting X-ray A view of a town and mountain Clinicians treating patient in Afghanistan