Uplift Internationale

4800 So Upham Court
Littleton, CO 80123
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Dr. Jaime Yrastorz
Phone: 303.707.1361
Email: mndyrz@yahoo.com
Mission: Uplift Internationale is a 505(c)(3) Colorado-based nonprofit organization incorporated in l989.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Operation Taghoy
Countries/Regions Served: Philippines
Duration: 2 weeks
Recruited Personnel: Healthcare professionals (anesthesiologists; plastic- reconstructive-oral maxillofacial-ENT surgeons; pediatricians; dentists-orthodontists; surgical-perioperative nurses; speech therapists; non-medical support personnel)
Language Requirements: None; translators available
Accommodations: Arrangements by the organization, including air and ground travel
Materials Needed: Surgical supplies, instruments, sutures, anesthetic supplies, monitoring devices, computers, and printers