Causes for Change International

5405 North Artesian
Chicago, IL 60625
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Zully J.F. Alvarado
Phone: (773) 447-8500
Mission: Through outreach and education Causes for Change International seeks to build strong communities by providing the tools for self-sufficiency. CCI supplies medical assistance and training in health, education and economics to areas in need. We focus on children, women and persons with disabilities to spark change in these communities.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Simplemente Gracias
Countries/Regions Served: Ecuador
Duration: 1 week
Recruited Personnel: Dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, nurses, therapists, teachers, and more
Language Requirements: Spanish
Accommodations: Provided
Materials Needed: Dental supplies and medicines / dentists are highly encouraged to bring their own medical instruments
dentist examinig girl dentist with hand in girls mouth boy brushing while dentist looks on 4 boys brushing outdoor dental clinic dentist holding child's mouth open