Great Shape! Inc.

4120 Dale Rd Ste J-8 #183
Modesto, CA 95356
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Lucinda Kay
Phone: 510-893-1751
Mission: We empower children and their families through education and health care in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Great Shape! Inc. is service in action. We facilitate a humanitarian dental project, a literacy empowerment program, and an eye-care vision project. The Sandals Foundation and Jamaican Ministries of Health and Education are our lead partners.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Great Shape! Inc. 1000 Smiles
Countries/Regions Served: Jamaica, Saint Lucia
Duration: One to two weeks
Recruited Personnel: Dental professionals and support staff
Language Requirements: None
Accommodations: Sandals Resorts International
Materials Needed: Hand tools and basic dental supplies
Dentist with Jamaican patient who has star sunglasses on Children in Jamaica holding up toothbrushes Dentist treating Jamaican patient Dentist with Jamaican patient Volunteers in Jamaica Dental Clinic in Jamaica