International Humanity Foundation

4311 Pavlov Avenue
San Diego, California 92122
Religious Affiliation: None
Contact: Nicole Schafer
Phone: +1 8585970232
Mission: IHF envisions a world in which leaders and citizens alike have interacted with and have an astute knowledge of the world's poorest and most marginalized populations. We believe that education should be freely available to all to all those who seek it. Our volunteers agree, and wish to "pass it on" by interacting, teaching and learning during their time spent at our centers in Thailand, Indonesia, and Kenya. With just a few hours a week, our volunteers, children and sponsors are changing the world we live in.
IHF promotes self-sufficiency in the communities we work in by primarily focusing on the education, nutrition, and the care of children. IHF encourages understanding and empathy between Youths and adults of all nations and religions in order to better prepare future leaders.


Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: Dental Care
Countries/Regions Served: Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand
Recruited Personnel:
Language Requirements:
Materials Needed:
Dates and Locations:
Program Type: Delivery of Care
Program Name: International NGO looking for medical and health-care related interns
Countries/Regions Served: Africa, East Asia and the Pacific
Duration: 4 weeks minimum
Recruited Personnel: Medical and Health-care Interns
Language Requirements: English
Accommodations: volunteer center accommodation
Materials Needed: depends on country of destination
volunteers with locals at dinner table Children in Classroom Children in African desert Group of patients waiting outside clinic Kids playing in waiting area Children Playing Dentist Examining Child